La Ruñidera
presented by MimoMusic


Here you can find the tickets for the La Ruñidera weekend. Ticket prices increase with greater occupancy and as the event approaches.

Early bookings facilitate the organization of the event enormously. There will be no ticket desk on site. Tickets only available in advance. Thank you for your understanding!

Early bird price until May 1st, and one third occupancy

Fullpass CHF: 73.00 (click here for the ticket)
(3 concerts, 4 socials, 2 workshops)

Friday pass CHF: 21.00 (click here for the ticket)
(1 concert, 1 social)

Saturday pass CHF: 42.00 (click here for the ticket)
(1 concert, 2 socials, 1 workshop)

Saturday afternoon only CHF: 14.00 (click here for the ticket)
(1 social, 1 workshop)

Sunday pass CHF: 30.00 (click here for the ticket)
(1 concert, 1 social, 1 workshop)

La Ruñidera was created to support music and musicians and to strengthen the connection between dance and music, dancers and musicians. Live music is a costly luxury that is recognized in ticket prices. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Are the prices the reason why you can't or don't want to come to La Ruñidera? Contact us to look for solutions. There should be a place for everyone who likes music and dancing.