La Ruñidera
presented by MimoMusic


The lineup is not yet finalized. We are still working on the program. Thank you for your understanding. Here are the confirmed salsa specialists for the weekend!

Resident Mambo

Resident Mambo consists of a group of exceptional musicians who formed a salsa band in 2010. Whether at their own concerts or as musical accompaniment at dance events, the six musicians of Resident Mambo play a diverse and captivating repertoire ranging from son to Latin jazz. Selected pieces of music put the dancers in a dancing mood.

Ueli Müller, drums
Joel Kaiser, bass
Oliver Gloor, piano
Santino Carvelli, percussion
Julio Napoles, vocals
Ebert Trujillo, vocals
Fredy Huamán, vocals

Buena Vista Capital Club

The former music students (jazz) from Bern and Lausanne love Cuban music. For this reason, they founded the band "Buena Vista Capital Club" in 2016. They play every month at the Mahogany Hall in Bern and have also performed at the Stars of Sounds in Murten, the Buskers street music festival in Bern and the Festival de la cité in Lausanne. A gozar!

Manuel Schwab, vocals/percussion
Lukas Kohler, trumpet/vocals
Julia Rüffert, trombone/vocals
Sonja Bossart, bass
Matthieu Trovato, piano/vocals
Slawek Plizga, guitar/vocals
Eulises González, percussion

Instagram: buena_vista_capital_club
Facebook: Buena Vista Capital Club

Mambo Chlili Orquesta

We are a group of hobby musicians with a huge passion for salsa . We rehearse regularly in Zurich and play for you some well-known classics that are very suitable for dancing. Feel the connection to the music when someone is creating it 2 meters next to you. We would love to have you join us for Ruñidera!

Andrea Frei, piano
Thomas Egeter, percussion, trombone
Annette Ginter, timbales, flute
Patric Lienhard, trumpet
Tamas Erdei, saxophone,  percussion
Regula Portmann, vocals
Mathias Mettauer, bass

Eulises González

(percussionist) Born in Havana, Cuba. Graduate of the National School of Art Instructors (ENIA) and musician of various music bands in Cuba, such as JB la Banda with Maestro Juaquin Betancourt, Carlos Manuel y su Clan, the Doctor of Salsa (tour in Zurich).  In 2002 he founded Eulises & SON III, performing at various festivals such as the CALIENTE Festival and simultaneously at various venues in Switzerland, he also acts as a percussionist at various house and Latin house music events and festivals and has taught Cuban percussion classes at various salsa festivals. (Zurich Salsa Festival and Locarno Salsa Festival)


DJ Tony Salsacoleccion (ES)


Tony Garcia from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) Spain.

Music lover, dancer, vinyl collector and International DJ.
For more than 25 years collecting Afro-Antillean music in all formats, Vinyl, Cd, Digital.
He has participated in numerous events and congresses in Europe as a DJ, being well known for his taste especially related to salsa dura and mambo.
Great advocate of salsa in Spain, especially in Madrid, where he holds one of the 100% salsa events in exclusive vinyl format SHINE MAMBO MADRID where dj's make their music sound from the decks, exclusively with their best vinyls of Latin rhythms.
His passion for Afro-Antillean music, especially salsa, makes him always be updated with new musical themes of the genre, supporting orchestras and musicians today.

DJ Hugo Leite (PRT)

Searching, selecting and playing music for an audience is my profession. It has been my full time occupation since March 2002. My area of speciality are the rhythms that compose Salsa music but I also work with other Latin and African rhythms. I have found in music and professional audio an intense passion… and I love sharing it with others!
Hugo Leite was born in Coimbra, Portugal, on January 6th, 1980. He is considered to be one of the best Latin rhythms DJs in Portugal being regular presence in the main events and clubs at national level. In the international scene, he is very
often requested for DJ sessions in Spain and France.
His DJ sessions are typically characterized by creativity and originality, combining classic songs with recent releases, in a ceaseless search for a positive and contagious dance floor energy. The pleasure and fun of the dancer is his main
goal. Good dancing songs, respectful transitions and a constant care to get the best sound are the cornerstones of his DJ work.
In addition to searching the best music for the dancers, he also develops technical audio work. He completed the Audio Production and Music Informatics course by the Riff School of Music in Aveiro, and the Live Sound Technician
course by the Portuguese Association of Professional Sound Technicians, certified by the Audio Engineering Society.
As a sound technician, he worked in concerts of La Sucursal (Barcelona), Orquesta Del Solar (Madrid), Orquesta Sonoridad (A Coruña) and New Swing Sextet (New York). He is responsible for several live recordings highlighting the works done for Tromboranga (Barcelona) and La Candela (Tenerife). As a sound designer, he prepares the audio tracks for professional dance performances (theatres, congresses, clubs) and for TV presentations such as “Got Talent Portugal” and “Got Talent Spain” shows by artists such as Pedro Sousa, Inês Gameiro, Nuno Pesqueira and Nágyla Galvão.

DJ Ricardo (UK)

has been DJing Latin music for over 25 years, he has played extensively in Europe, UK, and USA over the years. He was the original founder of the Legendary Cafe Mambo Project, which ran successfully from 2009 until 2017 in the UK; Cafe Mambo also ran CMP in Istanbul Turkey and Amsterdam Holland. Ricardo took quite a long break away from DJing to focus on other interests; but has recently decided to re-start the Cafe Mambo Project with a new team; which is taking place in Autumn in London, UK

MimoMusic (Resident)

I learned my first salsa steps in 2005. At that time the music didn't appeal to me much. Over the years I stayed active in dancing, improving my knowledge of the dance as well as the diverse music. It wasn't long until I started listening to a lot of Salsa in my free time. Also, after a few years I started collecting music as well as teaching dancing. The preference for Latin-Jazz Salsa, Salsa Dura, Guaguanco, Mambo, Cha-Cha, Boogaloo clearly mark my path through the Latin world.
In 2018 I founded the association SalsaOn2Happenings together with Janine Pfister in Uster (Zurich). Since then we have been organising many events in the Zurich/Uster (CH) area. We are proud creators of the Chocolate-Mambo-Marathon, the MamboTime Salsa-Party in Zurich and some more. In 2021 I started in a small Salsa band in Zurich (Mambo-Chillis) as a bass player. Apart from that I play some guitar, conga, small percussion (clave, guiro). All a bit but nothing really.
Also 2021 I started reproducing music. Some with the idea to better understand the structure and construction of the music. Some, however, mainly because the music was very badly recorded in the early years, great music, but not playable at salsa parties because of the music quality: MimoMusic was the result:

Foto & Video by Jose Ramos

Hello; I'm Jose Ramos, a photographer specialized in nightlife & SBK events with almost 8 years of experience living in Palma de Mallorca. I am responsible for the photography/video team of the BMC Mallorca nightclub (22 of the World's 100 Best Clubs 2023) and head of the photography department of I have personally held sessions at the Salsafestival Switzerland (4 editions), Eurosensual Festival Düsseldorf 2023, Bachata Festival Hamburg (3 editions), Sensual Station Hamburg, Salsa Convention Sant Gallen (Switzerland), Birmingham Salsa Marathon (2 editions), Egypt Sensual Festival, Juanes Party (Zürich), Shine Mambo Madrid (6 editions), Purabachata Mallorca (5 editions) (Palma de Mallorca), Bachateala Festival Switzertland, Salsa Dance (Basel), Bailamos Salsa Basel (5 years with them), Greek Pole Dance Camp 2017-2022, Tanzreise Mallorca (6 years), Madrid Esencia (2 editions), Barcelona Kizomba Festival and many more events and parties...