La Ruñidera
presented by MimoMusic

The venue

The dance weekend will take place in the Zunfthaus "Zum Weissen Wind". It's placed in Zurich Niederdorf, the old town, in a lovely ambience. It is surrounded by lovely bars, shops and restaurants and is next to Bellevue, the Opera House and the lake. "Weisser Wind" means white wind, and also includes a restaurant where you can eat. In the theater hall with stage we have a good dance floor, lighting system and for the perfect sound we will position additional speakers.

One might perhaps translate "Zunfthaus" as guild house.  Guild houses have a long tradition in Switzerland. The guilds formed a social and economic system for regulating the supply of raw materials, employment figures, wages, prices, sales volumes and even the provision of widows. Guilds sometimes comprised several professional groups. According to medieval tradition, external symbols were guild rules, coats of arms, guild symbols and clothing.

So you'll find plenty of history in the venue if you look for it.


Oberdorfstrasse 20
8001 Zürich, Switzerland

Coordinates: 47.36745/8.54497