La Ruñidera
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awesome guests

We will have a few special guests. Awesome people with awesome projects!

Douglas Isea

For the past 20 years, my passion for music has been a driving force of my life, a passion inherited from my family that took a new direction 13 years ago in France, when I began playing the piano with my salsa orchestra, La Espectacular, with original arrangements and a unique sound that blends the vibrant rhythms of Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, and Puerto Rico.
My passion for Salsa is global, extending beyond musical composition to the dance floor. I have dedicated myself to learning to dance Salsa in various styles, including Cuban, New York, and caleño. This comprehension of Salsa culture enriches our music and performance, connecting deeply with audiences worldwide.

In 2017, we took a significant step forward by releasing our album "El Destino", a collection of original salsa arrangements that encapsulates our essence and passion. More than any award, the most significant recognition for me has been the opportunity to share my story and music with the audience, especially in France where we have found a home for our sound.
One of the most memorable moments in our journey was the concert at the Salsa Congress in Lyon in 2023. This event was not just a platform to showcase our music but also a meeting point with salsa lovers from all over France.

Finally, when I'm not swaying to the rhythm of salsa or tickling the ivories, I'm working on my day job as a Telecommunications Engineer. It's a unique blend: by day, navigating the complex world of telecoms; by night, dancing and playing with passion. Who said engineers can't have rhythm?

Lucia Falina Valero

I discovered my passion for music and dance at a young age. When i was 12 I started making my own music based on flute, vocals and guitar. I write my songs in the language “Falina”, which I designed for my music and I produced my first album “Tambolo”. During this time I also discovered dancing. I started with salsa and a few years later specialized in mambo. Now I am a dance teacher in my hometown Ingolstadt and am presenting my first show.

Bheki Ndlovu

Choreographer, Dancer, Musician, Facilitator, Composer, Director

I was born in Durban, South Africa, I began my career as a dancer. I performed in many productions and musicals, including: Showboat, Jesus Christ Super Star, the Wizard of Oz, and Sarafina. My dancing talent and expertise took me overseas where I toured through Europe, Australia, Canada, Bangkok and Switzerland.
I worked with renowned filmmakers, choreographers such as Michael Peters (Michael Jackson’s choreographer) and actors (Dennis Haysbert; Stacey Cadman) which open door that led me to the fields of choreography, music composition, acting and directing theatre.
I am also a highly-effective trainer, facilitator, coach and community mobiliser, with experience fostering youth empowerment, life skills training and creative development all over Africa and parts of Europe, Australia and Canada. Now I am a proud owner of a dance school in Zurich called "dance swagg". teaching latin dances, African dances including Kizomba , contemporary and many more. I am currently  engaging in Switzerland projects: worked with a choir in Vevey, theatre in Aarau , high school in Steinhausen, Monate Band in Kontiki, festival in Zurich, in weddings, live shows in theatre, artist collaborations and more.

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